1. "Immigrants, poor people, queer people of color, disabled folks, women (esp trans women of color) and gender-nonconforming folks if you are in academia and you don’t feel smart enough, remember that you are in the playground and training grounds of the elite. academia was not designed to include you. you are surviving something that has been systemically designed to exclude you in order to keep power in the hands of white, middle class, able bodied cis-men. knowing this, don’t let academia train you to believe that elitism is the right way to make it through school. you can learn shit, hold the knowledge of your people in your heart, discard shame for your humble beginnings and/or marginalized identities. move through this experience knowing that the changes it offers you don’t have to include accepting academic elitism, inaccessible language or superiority. you can can simultaneously own the privilege that comes with being college educated and connections to your roots. academia does not have to kill your spirit."
    — Fabian Romero- indigenous immigrant queer boi writer and facilitator

  2. My dissertation is due in six days and I’m still not panicking, I don’t understand what’s going on.



  4. "Why are so many problems today perceived as problems of intolerance, rather than as problems of inequality, exploitation, or injustice? Why is the proposed remedy tolerance, rather than emancipation, political struggle, or armed struggle?"
    — Slavoj ŽižekLiving In The End Times, p. 5. (via heraclitorus)

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  5. "Stonewall was colored folks, poor folks, transsexuals, femmes, butches… a little bit of everybody. But the narrative that gets sold to people is that it was all these ‘A-Gay’ white normative people. That’s not who riots. Sorry."

    Juba Kalamka in this interview (via soldadera-del-amor)

    "that’s not who riots".

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    THANK YOU.  

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    THATS NOT WHO RIOTS!! so perfect

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    So fucking powerful.

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  9. #beyonce article in the observer magazine today

  10. Pure barrick weather.

  11. Fucking exam weather innit #belfast

  12. Look at this glorious thing.

  13. New patterned dress

  14. It’s a day for orange trainers & a flowery dress.